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cheap michael kors handbags In 2010, the author predicted the three-year adjustment period of the sporting goods industry; in 2011, the author predicted the online and offline integration of the whole channel retail trend; the author successfully predicted the acquisition of several Belle layout. Today, the author of Anta's 100 billion road to start forecasting. February 23, local sporting goods brand ANTA released the annual results in 2015, revenue of 11.126 billion yuan, an increase of 24.7%, gross margin increased to 46.62%, profit attributable to shareholders of 2.04 billion yuan, several business data than 2014 There are different degrees of growth, Anta became the first domestic revenue of billions of sporting goods business. 10 billion is a threshold, in 2010, Li Ning's performance to achieve 9.4 billion, very close to the target of billions, but the next few years, Li Ning and the sporting goods industry ushered in the adjustment period, Li Ning's business backwards. The first to break 10 billion, may wish to explore the secret of the success of Anta. cheap michael kors outlet

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michael kors handbags outlet online Strong brand vitality From the 'I choose, I like' to 'never stop', ANTA's brand image as the times change, the brand image to upgrade. From the opening of the 'never stop' brand slogan, the ANTA to the audience a steady stream of sports spirit, sponsor the Chinese Olympic Committee, has boarded the National Day ceremony of the sports square and the Olympic podium, Anta firmly grasp On behalf of the essence of Chinese sports this image, witnessed the sacred moment of Chinese sports, raising the national pride of the national anta at the same time on behalf of the Chinese national brand image embedded into the minds of countless consumers. NBA and the Chinese official market cooperation, the formation of priceless clan strength, its Rondo, Scola, Kevin Garnett, Thompson, Parsons and other NBA players, compared to ANTA win more young consumers and basketball consumers Recognition, and establish Anta professional brand image. It is through the essence of Chinese sports, national brands and michael kors bags outlet

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michael kors handbags outlet professional brands of these three keywords, and establish the brand ANTA fullness, the formation of Anta unique brand of charm. Cost-effective products in the Chinese market, not pan 'smart' enterprises. Some companies packaging themselves as foreign brands, they use English, French and even Italian LOGO to decorate their own, and create a high-end image, trying to get high profits from consumers; there are many companies through price packaging strategy to deceive consumers , To a cost of 100 yuan of products, pricing 1,000 yuan or 800 yuan, and then hit 5 fold sales to consumers, so that consumers feel accounted for the cheap to achieve the purpose of improving the sale of goods. There are some enterprises, the grounding gas to emphasize the identity of their national brand, the spirit of craftsmen to create products to sell products inexpensive manner. From the consumption structure, lock the mass consumer market, providing parity quality products of local enterprises have achieved good michael kors factory outlet